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George Clinton 2018 Tour

Did you hear the amazing news?! George Clinton is touring! Once you start funking, you can't stop. Find out more details of tour dates here plus find out where to get your tickets: George Clinton Tour Dates

A Little Background

Hey Funksters, a little background info for anyone interested. I'm Atheen, a gigging musician with more than 25 (eek!) years experience in the music biz. During that time I've had to play all sorts of music but my deep love has always been 'The Funk', especially...


Hello fellow global Funksters. We've been saying for a while now that Funk is on the way back although for us it never left! We weren't sure how much love there was for Funk around the globe but it seems as though there's a lot, so we decided to put...

This is the home page of 90s funk duo Back2Funk. There have been many imposters along the way, with a lot claiming to be the original band. This site is for the original members, Errol and Atheen.

The duo worked extensively around the UK during the 90s, performing at corporate functions, parties and even supporting Soul II Soul.

We’ll be adding audio, video and photos as we go, plus keeping you up to date with what projects the two original band members are working on now.

B2F was always intended to be a lifelong project and we hope to hear more recordings from them in the future 🙂

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