Hey Funksters, a little background info for anyone interested. I’m Atheen, a gigging musician with more than 25 (eek!) years experience in the music biz. During that time I’ve had to play all sorts of music but my deep love has always been ‘The Funk’, especially Jazz/Funk. As a nerdy 11 year old, I shunned Radio 1 in favour of Radio 2, where the likes of Shakatak were playing. Not long after I discovered the amazing Level 42 and from there I worked back to find out who the influences of my influences were.

Once I got my first keyboard at 16, I soon started writing funk tunes and my first main band was a six piece that included bass, guitar, drums, percussion and sax. We wrote a few originals but also played tracks by the likes of The Brecker Brothers, Stanley Clarke and Level 42. I also got a little funk duo together by the name of… you guessed it, back2funk will my buddy Errol Tuitt and we performed our favourite covers around the country, a fantastic way to make a living! Within two months we had secured a support slot with Soul II Soul at a one-off event. Following that we worked as a team in the studio, turning out original music that we got placed in advertisements.

We had such amazing times in those bands, but a record deal beckoned and none of my band buddies wanted to move to London, so I headed off alone to sign a deal. I signed to a tiny label that turned out a couple of white label releases for me, one an original tune called ‘What U Think’ and a cover of the Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King track ‘Love Come Down’. Alas I can’t let you hear them as the label owns the master rights, such is the way of the music biz!

Following on from the end of that deal I decided to set up my own label and suddenly found myself busy managing the careers of other artists (not my initial plan!) Fast forward to 2018 and I’ve handed ownership of those labels over and set up Modal Records just for my own projects, which includes solo releases, band work and production music. I’m currently working with friends preparing some serious Funk to hit you with later this year.

In the meantime, as part of my re-immersion into Funk, I’ve only gone and created this whole ruddy site. There’s no better way to learn about something than to write about it 😉 x