Funk Band Agency

November 2017, we launched as a booking agency for jazz/funk bands. Currently three acts on the books available for tours, private functions and corporate work. All artists are releasing music and can perform originals or covers.

A Jazz/Funk duo with Atheen on vocals/keys and Gaz Rackham on bass.

From £300

A Funk/Rock trio with Atheen on vocals/keys, Gaz Rackham on bass and Jez Rackham on guitars/keys.

From £450

From four piece to seven with horns and extra vocals. Can play funk classics and originals.

From £600

Funk Session Musicians

We’ve built up a lot of contacts over the years  and can recommend some top notch, professional musicians for Funk gigs. We’ll be adding details of available musicians shortly but in the meantime drop us a message if you’re in need of individual musicians or a house band for your tour or event.


The whole funk adventure began back in the 90s with the duo Back2Funk. There have been many imposters along the way, with a lot claiming to be the original band. However it’s Atheen that originally came up with the name when she formed a duo with vocalist Errol Tuitt and lots of their fans from the 90s would vouch for their original use of the name. The duo worked extensively around the UK during the 90s, performing at corporate functions, parties and even supporting Soul II Soul.