Funk Bands

These are the guys that have had us dancing around, freaking out and singing along at the top of our voices. We’re listing Funk bands old and new in all genres so that you can check out all your old favourites and find some new tunes to Funk out to.

We’re newly launched, lots more info on the way.

Average White Band Founder Members: Alan Gorrie | Malcolm Duncan | Onnie McIntyre | Michael Rosen | Roger Ball | Robbie McIntosh Styles: Disco Funk
Cameo Founder Members: Larry Blackmon Styles: Disco Funk
Casiopea Founder Members: Issei Noro | Tetsuo Sakurai | Hidehiko Koike Styles: Jazz Fusion
Chic Founder Members: Nile Rodgers | Bernard Edwards | Tony Thompson | Alfa Anderson | Luci Martin | Tom Coppola Styles: Disco Funk
Dumpstaphunk Founder Members: Ivan Neville | Ian Neville | Nick Daniels | Tony Hall | Raymond Weber Styles: Jazz Funk
Earth, Wind and Fire Founder Members: Maurice White | Verdine White | Sherry Scott | Yackov Ben Israel | Michael Beale | Chester Washington | Leslie Drayton | Alex Thomas Styles: Disco Funk
Extreme Founder Members: Gary Cherone | Nuno Bettencourt | Pat Badger | Paul Geary Styles: Funk Rock
Fatback Band Founder Members: Bill Curtis Styles: Disco Funk
Funkadelic Founder Members: George Clinton Styles: Psychedelic Funk
Heatwave Founder Members: Johnnie Wilder | Rod Temperton Styles: Disco Funk
Incognito Founder Members: Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick | Paul “Tubbs” Williams Styles: Jazz Funk
Incubus Founder Members: Brandon Boyd | Mike Einziger | Dirk Lance | Jose Passilas Styles: Funk Rock
Jamiroquai Founder Members: Jay Kay | Stuart Zender | Toby Smith | Derrick McKenzie | Wallis Buchanan Styles: Acid Jazz | Jazz Funk | Nu Funk
KC And The Sunshine Band Founder Members: Harry Wayne Casey | Richard Finch Styles: Disco Funk
Kool And The Gang Founder Members: Robert Bell | Ronald Bell | Robert Mickens | Dennis Thomas | Ricky West | George Brown | Charles Smith Styles: Disco Funk
Lettuce Founder Members: Eric Krasno | Adam Smirnoff | Nigel Hall | Adam Deitch | Erick Coomes | Ryan Zoidis | Rashawn Ross Styles: Jazz Funk
Level 42 Founder Members: Mark King | Mike Lindup | Boon Gould | Phil Gould Styles: Jazz Funk
Maze Founder Members: Frankie Beverly Styles: Soul Funk
Mtume Founder Members: James Mtume | Tawatha Agee Styles: Jazz Funk | Soul Funk
Odyssey Founder Members: Lillian Lopez | Louise Lopez | Carmen Lopez Styles: Disco Funk
Parliament Founder Members: George Clinton Styles: Psychedelic Funk
Red Hot Chili Peppers Founder Members: Anthony Kiedis | Flea | John Frusciante | Chad Smith Styles: Funk Rock
Return To Forever Founder Members: Chick Corea | Stanley Clarke Styles: Jazz Funk | Jazz Fusion
Rose Royce Founder Members: Henry Garner | Terral Santiel | Lequeint Jobe | Michael Moore | Kenny Copeland | Kenji Brown | Freddie Dunn | Victor Nix Styles: Disco Funk
Sister Sledge Founder Members: Debi Sledge | Joni Sledge | Kim Sledge | Kathy Sledge Styles: Disco Funk
Spyro Gyra Founder Members: Jay Beckenstein | Jeremy Wall | Jim Kurzdorfer | Tom Walsh | Tom Schuman Styles: Jazz Fusion | Smooth Jazz
Sly And The Family Stone Founder Members: Sly Stone | Freddie Stone | Rose Stone | Cynthia Robinson | Greg Errico | Jerry Martini | Larry Graham Styles: Disco Funk
Snarky Puppy Founder Members: Michael League | Styles: Jazz Fusion
The Brand New Heavies Founder Members: Simon Bartholomew | Andrew Levy | N’Dea Davenport | Jan Kincaid Styles: Acid Jazz | Jazz Funk
The Brecker Brothers Founder Members: Michael Brecker | Randy Brecker Styles: Jazz Funk | Jazz Fusion
The Brothers Johnson Founder Members: George Johnson | Louis E Johnson | Tommy Johnson | Alex Weir Styles: Disco Funk
The Clarke/Duke Project Founder Members: Stanley Clarke | George Duke Styles: Jazz Funk | Smooth Jazz
The Gap Band Founder Members: Charlie Wilson | Ronnie Wilson | Robert Wilson Styles: Disco Funk / Electro Funk
The Isley Brothers Founder Members: O’Kelly Isley | Rudolph Isley | Ronald Isley Styles: Disco Funk
The James Taylor Quartet Founder Members: James Taylor Styles: Jazz Funk
The Mahavishnu Orchestra Founder Members: John McLaughlin | Billy Cobham | Rick Laird | Jan Hammer | Jerry Goodman Styles: Jazz Fusion
The Meeting Founder Members: Patrice Rushen | Ernie Watts | Alphonso Johnson | Leon “Ndugu” Chancler Styles: Jazz Funk
The S.O.S. Band Founder Members: Jason Bryant | Billy Ellis | Willie “Sonny” Killebrew | Bruno Speight | John Alexander Simpson | Earl Jones III | Mary Davis Styles: Disco Funk
Tower Of Power Founder Members: Emilio Castillo | Stephen “Doc” Kupka Styles: Disco Funk
Weather Report Founder Members: Joe Zawinul | Wayne Shorter | Miroslav Vitouš | Alphonse Mouzon Styles: Jazz Fusion
Yellowjackets Founder Members: Robben Ford | Russell Ferrante | Jimmy Haslip | Ricky Lawson Styles: Jazz Fusion
Yellow Magic Orchestra Founder Members: Haruomi Hosono | Yukihiro Takahashi | Ryuchi Sakamoto Styles: Electro Funk